HongKong Q-mas Visa

The Hong Kong QMAS Visa is a work visa for professionals who wish to pursue a career in Hong Kong. Under the QMAS category, you are expected to be under the highly-skilled professionals list to proceed with the job search.

QMAS primarily works on points-based selection patterns. Individuals and families who want to live in Hong must score eligible points and then apply for the visa.

Job Opportunities

  • Hong Kong is the leading financial centre of Asia and is one of the top sources of outward direct foreign investment in Asia.
  • Logistics and trade-supporting services, such as Product testing and inspection, Arbitration and mediation, Trade finance documentation and Insurance.
  • As China liberalizes its markets due to its WTO membership commitments, Hong Kong firms are increasingly active in connecting suppliers in other countries with consumers in the Chinese Mainland and elsewhere in Asia.


All applicants must satisfy all of the following prerequisites:

  • Age-18 or above
  • Financial requirement-He/she is capable of supporting and accommodating himself / herself and his/her dependants, if any, on his/her own financial resources without relying on public assistance during his/her stay in Hong Kong.
  • Good character-No criminal record or adverse immigration record in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
  • Language proficiency- The applicant should be proficient in written and spoken English or Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese).
  • Basic educational qualification-Good education background, normally a first degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution.

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