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Marking the end of freedom of movement between the UK and European Union on 31st December 2020, The United Kingdom has substantiated the onset of a new points-based immigration system.

This new point-based criterion will be originated on the policies of the UK government. It is invented to regale and treat everyone equally. Functioning under the law commission this policy is designed to utilise the technological advancements by making the best use of user-friendly innovations.


  • Candidates willing to work and reside in the United Kingdom from 1st January 2021 need to show their privilege in the UK along with the eligibility you have.
  • Candidates will get the written confirmation of the migration.
  • Priority will be given to the candidates possessing highly and quality skills in the scientific, academic and technological field.
  • The applicants must acquire a minimum of 70 points assessed based on skills, qualifications, work experience and salaries.
  • The first 50 points are allotted according to English proficiency skills and a job offer in their respective field.
  • Other credits or points will be totalled based on additional factors such as minimum wage, a job in an occupation where there is a labour shortage or a PhD in a field relevant to their work.
  • European and Non-European Workers who Are eligible to work in the UK will be allowed to use an online service to indicate the right to work in the UK.


  • Job offer (20 points)
  • A job with a relevant aptitude level(20 points)
  • English language proficiency score(10 points)
  • Salary of £23,040- £25,599 (10points)
  • Salary beyond £ 25,600( 20 points)
  • Job on the deficit occupation list (10 points)
  • PhD holder (10points)
  • PhD in science, technology, maths and engineering (20points)


The application fee under the modern system will be the same according to the existing structure. However, the immigration skills charge will be acceptable to the UK employers of skilled workers.

This program will especially give space to the prominent global leaders, and the administrators of the future in science, humanity, technology, developing the awareness, economy and society of the nation.

To gain further updates about the immigration program feel free to get in touch with our immigration professionals.

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